Pet Sculptures and Other Animals

Domestic Animals
Small Pets
 'Robert' the Rabbit, 1:2 scale

Horse & Donkeys
 'Sir Henry' 28 yr old Thoroughbred cross 1:12 scale

 'Maximus' Hanoverian 1:12 scale

'Jeremias' donkey 1:22

Mammoth Jack 1:22 scale

 'Buddy' Flat-coated Retriever

'Jasmine' Australian Shepherd cross, 1:10 scale 

'Holly' Short-haired Border Collie

Smooth-Haired Dachshund 1:12

 'Domino' English Springer Spaniel 1:10 scale

'Bramble' 1:9 scale, Flat Coated Retriever

 Miniature Jack Russell 1:5

 Above: 'Scrappy'

'Kyro' mixed breed dog 1:10

 'Millie' the Cat 1:7

Other Creatures
Extinct: Aurochs Bull 1:20 scale

Extinct: Anancus prehistoric elephant 1:30 scale