Saturday, 6 October 2012

Chital (Spotted Deer) 1:22 scale

Finally got around to posting these three, Chital or Indian Spotted Deer in 1:22 scale.
When I first looked at the Chital I thought they were very similar to Fallow deer, their markings are almost the same, but of course they have differences, one being the male's antlers.

So here is the trio, two male and a female.
I helped my client deicide on poses, I thought these positions made the group interesting, a lot of movement, which helps make a diorama come to life. 

 The scratching male has a long wire left in his back leg (the one on the ground) this is to help him stand as he was top heavy, hence the Oasis he's stuck into.


  1. Harriet once again you have produced 3 beautiful pieces of work-they are quiet stunning-I love the poses and the painting-you really are very talented! Well done!