Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sir Henry and Maximus 1:12 horses

Horses have always been a love of mine, especially when I was younger, I was mad about them; most girls are I think;)  I have a keen interest for all animals now, but I still feel a special connection with horses in particular.

A returning customer of mine owns two gorgeous horses, which I had the pleasure of meeting when taking photos for my sculpting reference.  I think it's really great to meet your subject and get a feel for it's character; helps when making the sculpture to an extent too.
Sir Henry and Maximus were a real joy to sculpt - being my first horses (not counting zebras) it was a challenge, but I love challenges.
Sir Henry was an amazing 28 year old Thoroughbred cross and Maximus a very tall 4 year old Hanoverian.
A photo of them sharing a haynet, which is the setting requested to base the sculptures on:

Sir Henry



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